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Drawing for Peace

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We've been announcing a new contest for a while now, so here it is!
There have been a lot of times where we've spoken of doing a contest related with peace, and unfortunately, conflicts around the world are escalating more and more each day. That's why the topic of this contest will be around the promotion of peace, donations, and raising awareness overall. This is how "Drawing for Peace" begins.

For this contest, we offer the winners prize and the free trial of CLIP STUDIO PAINT:

- The prize for this contest will be 2000 points. For more information, click here. In addition, we're giving away  limitless CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO for the winner.
-The winner's picture will be exposed in CELSYS' gallery and our own. (CELSYS might add other pictures apart from the winner).
- You can try CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO with it's full features for three months. Whoever is interested can ask us for a code through a private message on Twitter. Here's more information.

Contest rules/bases:

- The main topic of this contest is peace: saying no to wars, the achievement of peace, mutual help and awareness for nowadays' conflicts.
- Copied pictures are not allowed.
Fanarts are not allowed. Don't use characters with copyright.
- Picture's composition, harmony and equilibrium will be recognized as well.
 (number of characters, background, colors, the picture's message, etc.) 
- Technique is free. Both traditional and digital pictures are accepted.
- Explicit sex scenes are forbidden.

Most valued basis:

- The picture transmits the contest’s main idea.
- Originality.
- Composition, harmony and equilibrium of the picture.

We know that you're capable of making your pictures transmit any message you give to them: we want you to be able to touch people so that they want to make a donation.

Keep in mind:

- You don't have to represent the war itself: the goal of the contest is to make people think about promoting peace.
- We beg you that if you want to draw a harsh scene, or a representation of war; try to represent it in a very subtle way (compared to real wars). If you draw accurate representations of war, a lot of gore pictures would come out, and that is not the goal of this contest. Try not to make grotesque scenes.
- You can only present pictures in accordance to the main topic.
- You can only submit your own pictures.
- The contest related tweet must carry an obligatory code, which is:


Make a donation please! ( [+ Your picture]".

- This code includes a link to a list of webs where you can donate money for just causes. If you know any other similar website, you can tell it to us and we will place it on our list.
- If the picture is too big for Twitter, we recommend you upload  it to, and place the link on your tweet.
- To participate you must follow @TheArtBond on Twitter.
- To participate you must Retweet the contest's tweet.
- The deadline will be on 15th January 2015. Pictures will still be accepted on that day until midnight, Greenwich Mean Time (+0:00 hours).

Anyone who fails to comply with any of the previous rules will be forbidden to keep participating in the contest, just like those who have previously broken any of the account's main rules.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Collaborate with 'drawing for peace':
Remember there is an option that allows you to donate the exact quantity you wish. No matter if it's big or small, any donation will always be appreciated!

You can make a donation to any non profit organization (NOG), here there are some links:
Unicef  - [All languages].
Charity water [English]. 
Protect Child Save [English].   
Oxfam Intermon - [Spanish]. 
Médicos sin fronteras (Médecins Sans Frontières)- [Spanish].
World Vision  [Spanish].

We've already collaborated. What about you?

Thank you for visiting our website!


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