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How to use "The Art Bond"

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The Art Bond is a community dedicated to artists around the world who wish to share their art between each other, make new friends, learn and most importantly have fun! That is our main purpose, this is not about spreading art and gaining "fame"; that's what other websites do.

This is The Art Bond: our name symbolizes the union that comprises everyone who follows the account: whether it's people who create art or people who enjoy watching other's work, both have something in common: that "art bond".

-Update- [01/10/2015]                                                                                                 

Using The Art Bond is quite simple:

- You have to mention us (@TheArtBond) in your drawing via Twitter so that we can RT it. We do it in a certain order, so in case your drawing hasn't been Retweeted after a while, just warn us through a Direct Message (DM).

Given the increased number of drawings being sent daily to our account, after the recent survey we have taken the following measures:

-We will not RT WIPs (Works In Progress: unfinished works), we won't consider WIPs drawings which, even in an unfinished state, would still be able to be presented as finished works.

Keep in mind that since Twitter allows to attach a maximum of 4 pictures, you can add 3 WIPs to your finished work on a single tweet.

- Portraits* will have to be accompanied with their reference picture. The same rule applies to vexels.
*Portraits or any representation of an object with volume to 2D; 3D > 2D, from a volumetric object to a plain surface.

- Invented portraits do not need a reference photo. However, it could be easier for us if you clarify in some way that they are invented.

- Tutorials or any kind of didactic drawing will be RTed, but practice drawings are just for practice, so are not considered like definitive drawings and therefore, those won't be RTed.

- The administration holds the final decision to give or not a RT to a tutorial/practice drawing.

We won't allow pictures made by superpositioning a pre-existing work.

We won't allow pictures directly copied from pre-existing drawings, that's what the originals are for.

However, we do allow redrawn pictures, since these are interpretations of a scene or a pre-existing drawing, but in your own style. These works have to indicate that they are redrawn pictures and they must attach the original scene/drawing in the tweet.

(Place the cursor over the Notes 1 and 2 to see them).

*Note 1   *Note 2
Direct notes links:
Note 1:

Note 2:

- Events and contests will have special requirements indicated in them which must be fulfilled. All these rules share the same value, meaning that one unfulfilled requirement might result in your elimination from the event. But don't worry! we will always try to warn people about these.

- Before writing down a comment in a picture, we suggest you check and use the same language the author uses.

It is forbidden to:

- Make offensive comments or criticism: You can always give your opinion without hurting others. Given the case, you can always report aggressors to us through a DM.

- Sending a picture from another artist: If you see anyone who submits a picture that doesn't belong to them, contact us through a DM.

Use of this account will be forbidden to:

- Conflictive people: those who have bothered other users as well as those who have interrupted the appropriate use of the account, or those who have ignored or offended an administrator.

- People who send other people's pictures and have lied about their true authorship: If by any case people send a wrong picture, and they admit their mistake after being asked, no punishment will be given. Lying to the administrators will result in a ban.

-People who, even if they haven't sent us anything, they attribute to themselves the authorship of other people's work (cases of tracing, art stealing, etc).

Banned people won't be able to take part in account related events and contests. 


 We will not accept or RT those drawings that contain:

 - Explicit sex.
 - Male/Female genitals of a character if he/she is in a sexual attitude.
- Imagery that crosses the line between the suggestive and erotic content (this is extremely subjective, and it cannot be conventionally measured. Therefore, we beg for your understanding.
- Explicit gore, like realistic bleeding, anatomical gore deformations, etc. Example by @nyordo_humano.
*We do allow moderate gore: we won't consider NSFW depictions of light gore like small blood effects or non realistic anatomical deformation, etc. Example
 - Any kind of offensive content.

 However, these may be retweeted if the tweet containing the picture includes:
 - A warning of the picture being NSFW.
 - A censored preview of either the whole picture or a part of it.
 - An external URL leading to the full picture.


 For example, you can upload it to or to

(Place the cursor over the Note 3 to see it).
*Note 3  
Direct notes links:
Note 3:

Cases of tracing, stealing, etc:

 If you're the victim of a case of art stealing, or you know of somebody who might need help with it, contact us! We'll do whatever we can to help.

Streaming, contests, job applications, etc:

 If you're going to stream something or you urgently need us to give you a RT, contact us through a direct message.

Examples used in this entry have been authorized by their authors. 
We hope these rules are useful and clear enough for everyone. If you have any doubt you can ask us on twitter or by commenting in our blog. We hope you enjoy the account!

                            - The Art Bond team


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