Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Why do we make this kind of distinction?

In a beginning we used to RT all the pictures on our main account. For us it wasn't a problem, and we reaffirmed that statement in our old blog. It was quite simple to tell which pictures were copied and which were not. However, certain artists felt upset over the fact that people who copied didn't clearly point that the picture was a copy, there were some who even hated those artists who didn't have a certain level of ability.
There were people who urged us to stop retweeting pictures of people who just started drawing and copied pictures. We can't do that, because this is not an account to spread art, The Art Bond is meant to meet other artists and have fun.

In the end, we found a solution in the creation of two accounts: one for the artists who were able to create pictures by themselves, and another one for those who still had the need to copy or simply had just started drawing. There was no way we wouldn't give beginners a place to share their works. Everyone has been a beginner and it's not a bad thing at all.

Benefits from this solution:

- We prevent bullying: now people from a similar level will stay in the same account, meaning that there won't be any kind of problem.

- There are already some artists who want to follow both accounts to help those who just began!

- Will the account stay hidden? As for now it will due to the fact that the account starts with less than 1000 followers. However it's not all about spreading art right? It's all about having fun and make everybody get along with each other.

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