Monday, 17 March 2014

Sponsored event: Change of clothes!

CHANGE LANGUAGE:            

Finally summer is here! And with it we present a new series of events, including the first one of all, sponsored by @Naruedyoh: "Change of clothes!" which attempts to bring transvestism closer to society.

@Naruedyoh: "I want this to be more natural, something completely respected and that nobody should be ashamed of. I hope this can spark a new interest for this topic or even making somebody express it in an artistic manner".

Contest basis:

- The topic of this contest is transvestism as another form of expression. Characters must seem natural, they feel comfortable and nobody is forcing them to do so.

- Copied pictures are not allowed.

- Characters must wear their own clothes from the opposite genre, whether it's the exterior clothing or the interior clothing, given it can actually be seen.

- When drawing an already existing character, it's preferable that he/she keeps his normal personality (sexuality, tastes, attitude, etc.). This topic implies clothing as the only altered element, the rest is preferred to be kept as unaltered as possible.

- As for the character's originality, it will be recognized by this ranking:
1st: Original character with original clothing.
2nd: Original character with clothing from an already existing character.
3rd: Already existent character with original clothing.
4th: Already existent character with clothing from another existing character.

- It is possible to draw the sponsor itself. However, the picture's originality will be less than the original character with original clothing. Sponsors won't use any pictures exposed in the contest unless the author gives him permission to do so.

- Picture's composition, harmony and equilibrium will be recognized as well.

- Technique is free. Both traditional and digital pictures are accepted.

- Explicit sex scenes are forbidden.

Most valued basis:

- The picture transmits the contest’s main idea.
- Originality.
- Composition, harmony and equilibrium of the picture.

Keep in mind

- You can only present pictures in accordance to the main topic.
- You can only present your own pictures.
- To participate, you must follow @TheArtBond and @Naruedyoh on Twitter.
- The contest related tweet must carry an obligatory code, which is:
"This is my picture for @TheArtBond event sponsored by @Naruedyoh.
Change of clothes! [+ Picture URL]".
- Contest's prize are 1000 pts. Click here for more information.

- The deadline will be on 10/08/2014. Pictures will still be accepted on that day until midnight, Greenwich Mean Time (+0:00 hours).

Anyone who fails to comply with any of the previous rules will be forbidden to keep participating in the contest, just like those who have previously broken any of the account's main rules.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ABOUT YAGO ROSA FERNÁNDEZ
Yago Rosa Fernández (@Naruedyoh), born in Madrid on the 30th of November 1990. He is a blogger and a youtuber.                                                                                                                                            
 "I've been following transvestism with interest for some years now, and I've always seen how it's always treated with disrespect and mockery. Despite times changing and gradually getting better, transvestism is still far from not being a mockery for anyone who practices it, and it's something that I would like to promote so that it could eventually become something normal".                                                                                                   

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