Wednesday, 22 August 2012


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Greetings everyone!

We come to bring you an initiative from @NarumyNatsue and
 @Kuku_Sankyuit consists on a hashtag that indicates on a particular drawing belonging to you that you want constructive criticism on it.

For that, you just have to create a tweet containing that exact drawing with the hashtag #HelpMyArt.

This is the message from @NarumyNatsue which explains the initiative, it was written before choosing the name of the hashtag:

'I've been thinking about creating a hashtag for us artists, because sometimes we find ourselves in need of criticism and opinions on our works with the purpose of enhancing our technique.

We look for constructive criticism: comments for those who are either beginning to draw, or those who are stuck, or for those who just simply want to learn, find their own style and improve.

The idea would consist on tweeting the drawings in need of advice with a hashtag (which name is still being decided), so that people can enter it and help others. This way, everyone involved learns new things and support each other. 

As for now we have four ideas for the hashtag, so if you don't mind and would like to help our cause, under this tweet I will leave a poll for you to vote the most appropriate name, as well as another poll to see if you'd like the idea and if you would participate on it.

If you think this is a good idea, spread the word so that more people know about this initiative. 

Thank you for reading up to this point!'.

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